Student TV Central offers schools the opportunity to create and broadcast videos on their own personalized website. School events (including everything from concerts to basketball games, field trips to assemblies) become available for sharing with family, friends, and the entire school community.

Schools have used this unique, personalized school program to broadcast weekly TV shows hosted by and starring their own students as reporters of campus activities.

The versatility of the Student TV Central program allows for complete individualization of the format to fit the needs of each school. Schools can promote fundraising opportuinities or provide a weekly update from the administration to parents.

Although we provide a basic format for your Video Hub, the program allows for complete personalization by each school to meet their needs and objective. The applications are limitless.

In all instances, your school is the ultimate gatekeeper of all content. Students, parents, and faculty can easily and safely access the school Video Hub using Student TV Central's state of the art technology. The Program enhances School/Parent communication as well as Community Involvement.

Call today to find out how you can add your School to the growing list of school families enjoying the Student TV Central advantage.
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